Reaching for the Magic

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Finding beauty in the everyday

Welcome to my little corner of the digital world – Reaching for the Magic.

For many years I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog about all the passions that make my life a little bit “magic”. If ever there was a statement that summed up my outlook on life “Reaching for the Magic” is it.

I am a true believer that a life is best led when you put aside your fears of failure and reach for something better. That you may land flat on your face many times, but that sometimes you might just surprise yourself. If I am honest with myself I have been waiting too long for all the stars to align before jumping in. I’ve been making excuses – I don’t really have any spare time at all; I’m really just an ordinary kind of gal living an ordinary life; what do I know; what happens if everyone thinks my blog really sucks and isn’t worth reading? I’ve decided to put those voices to rest and finally practice what I preach and “reach” for it!

So who am I? I’m an Inner West Mum from Australia who works part-time. I have been married to “Mr imperfect but perfect for me” for 15 years. Together we have two beautiful, but sometimes trying, children. We have a crazy but great family and friends that we treasure. I love my life and I have much to be thankful for. Like all women my life is busy and hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This blog is about keeping real. Some things work – some things don’t. Sometimes the dinner party meal is restaurant quality – sometimes its not. Sometimes that DIY project comes up a treat – sometimes it doesn’t. The garden that I love and nurture sometimes looks amazing – sometimes it looks like it belongs to the Adams Family. Sometimes the kids make me burst with pride – sometimes I find myself retrieving the Ninja Turtle from the toilet s-bend. The magic is in the journey and loving life no matter how imperfect it is.

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