Blog posts you will NEVER see here

Mr Magic asked me the other day if I was worried that I would ever run out of things to write about on the blog. I can’t ever imagine not having SOMETHING to say.

To be honest I don’t know exactly what topic the next post will be about. Luckily I do have a pretty good idea of what it WON’T be about though. Here are some posts I will NEVER write.

100 incredible uses for empty toilet rolls 

I will make something out of a toilet roll the day they invent a machine that enables other members of my family to change the roll when its empty! Did you know there are people in this world that actually spend their time making things like this . . .


I guess the woman who made this wanted to create a visual reminder to her family to change the goddamn roll!

What to do with left over wine

Yeah right! Are you kidding me – What left over wine?

I nailed my reverse park

I don’t reverse park EVER. I don’t care if there is a spot in front of where I want to be – if I can’t nose it in I will keep driving. I am the only person in Australia who admits to being a bad driver. I’m OK with this. Yes it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to drive a car, but I figure it takes one hell of a person to admit their limitations.

Why home schooling is for us

If I ever post something like this you will know I have been abducted by an Amish sect and you should rescue me immediately. I love my kids dearly – especially during school term.

Warning – if you home school you could end up looking like this . . .


My husband made a delicious quiche

For those of you who know and love Mr Magic he would never do this! Luckily for me he does know how to make a great restaurant booking.

Useful hints for organising your underwear drawer

These posts are all the rage right now in blog-land. They are usually posted by thin, attractive women with stripper names like Candy!

I on the other hand will advise you to simply throw the clean kickers in the draw and get a life! Yes I’m a big fan of order, but you gotta know where to draw the line!

No offense Candy.

under wear drawer

10 ways to knot curtains

I’ll admit it, this makes me very uncomfortable. Please, please, make it stop!

make it stop

My paleo-vegan dinner party

You turn paleo or vegan – this friendship is over!

Sorry Candy.

Embroidery / Scrapbooking / Sewing made easy

Lets make this perfectly clear – I do gardening; I do cooking; I do painting; I do DIY and even using the odd dangerous power tool. I DON’T do anything that could remotely be construed as craft.

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