Blogs I love – “The Painted Hive”

About three years ago I discovered what a “blog” is (thanks Tash).

It was like discovering “house heroin” and I was quite hooked. I couldn’t believe the creativity that some people had. The great thing was that I could get a decorating fix at any time – I didn’t have to wait until the next House & Garden magazine hit the shelves.

So like all terrible addicts, I thought I would try and get you all hooked too. Kind of like smoking behind the toilets in high school – its better in a group.

The Painted Hive

To be honest I don’t know how I stumbled upon Kristine’s beautiful blog, but once there I never wanted to leave.

Kristine is not a professionally trained interior decorator -she is a Mum from Melbourne with extraordinary style and creativity. Absolute proof that when it comes to taste in decorating you’ve either got it or you don’t.

Kristine designs warm and welcoming rooms which don’t cost the earth. When I emailed her asking if I could feature her blog she not only said yes but was just so lovely (even said I could contact her if I ever needed advice on blogging). I think her house is a real reflection of this giving, warm spirit. I’m pretty sure that is why I was so drawn to her blog in the first place – maybe I felt the warmth behind the designs. Lets take a tour.

The entry hall. I love, love the wallpaper which sets the tone of the individuality in style which you see throughout the house.


This is her gorgeous sitting room.


I admit it, I have desk envy. I wonder if I could carve out a little space like this for me at my house rather than sharing the dining room table with the kids and their homework.


This is the Master Bedroom. Just beautiful.

Master-Bedroom-1 (1)

This is one of her latest painted furniture projects. I love the grey paint colour.

Painted Hive

There are lots of pictures I could show you but I won’t. You absolutely must check it out yourself.

Careful though – you will get hooked.

* all images courtesy of The Painted Hive

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