Kids Rooms

Lets be brutally honest here – we all spend way more time in our kids’ rooms than we would like. Putting away clothes, trying to find that missing library book, or reading “just one more” bedtime story so its important that the space works and is somewhat visually pleasing (at least when its tidy).

Its also important that children feel that they have their own space (even when sharing rooms) and responsibility for looking after that space.

Here are some snaps of my kids’ rooms – and no – they don’t always keep their rooms this tidy but the blog is called “Reaching for the Magic” not “Stumbling through the Mayhem”.

Master Magic’s room is the smallest in the house. He is 7 years old and absolutely soldier and rugby mad. My husband had the vintage Australian Flag framed. The chair, table and comforter are all from Ikea.

The walls are painted Dulux Tranquil Retreat. Its a great colour but I’m not sure anything associated with a 7 year old boy should ever be called “tranquil”.

Harry 1

My husband stained the bookshelf a deep wood stain and so far it hasn’t chipped or scratched so I’m pretty happy with that. The black storage containers are where the toy soldiers and figurines go to multiply when they are not hiding out in my flower garden! The decor is really set off by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair!

Harry 3

Miss Magic’s room is a little bit of a work in progress. She has just turned 10 so still a little girl but on the cusp of becoming a “tween”. The room was painted a couple of years ago “marshmallow magic”. Since then we’ve updated the room with some aqua blue accents as she’s moving away from pink. The room could do with a full make-over but she will probably want a lot more say in the design this time around.  No prizes for guessing her name.

Madeline 2

Madeline is quite the artist so her and I painted the Ikea table and letters on the wall together. The table acts as an art station. She’s hacked into my Pinterest account and is developing her own board on what she would like her big girl room to look like. I’m very proud to say she is developing very nice taste.

Madeline 1

So that’s it. As you can see these rooms would not feature in House and Garden magazine but they are definately very personal and loved spaces designed specifically to suit THEM.

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