Woo Hoo! We’re a month old


Yep! Its been 1 month since I started “Reaching for the Magic”.

I’m still stumbling a little bit around WordPress but I’ve somehow managed to load 8 posts and do two e-design consults. In addition to this I’ve kept my children alive, endured flu and redundancy, and managed to keep my marriage intact. Yep – feeling quite chuffed with myself. I’ve also managed to start an instagram account but still really don’t know how to use it properly so that just means I’m not as bright as Kim Kardashian.

According to WordPress lots of you are actually reading my blog. There are even people following me from locations such as Ireland, USA, Mexico and Brazil (not sure about the Brazil one it could just be some G-string wearing supermodel with a thing for “magic” tricks and an inability to use google properly).

When I first started the blog I was apprehensive about what people would think. I’ve been really heartened by everyone’s response and support. In a world of negativity its great to know that so many of you are cheering me on.

Thanks again

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