E-Design Services

Apologies for the radio silence these last two weeks. I have been very busy working on a design consult. For those who don’t know – I offer e-Design Services. E-Design is a fantastic new way of offering interior design services. Here is how it works . . .

E-Design is a design service that is run digitally between my clients and I. Absolutely everything is done via email (with the exception of me occasionally posting the odd fabric sample or swatch).

E-Design is great for many people – especially people who are comfortable with email (which is pretty much everyone these days).

E-Design has many benefits:

  • You can choose a time that works for you to progress your decorating ideas. If you are like me, sometimes the best time to think clearly and discuss things with your partner is when the kids finally get to bed. E-Design works well in this respect.
  • E-Design means that I can offer my services to people who don’t live in Sydney’s Inner West – good news if you live interstate.
  • E-Design is quicker than traditional design methods – because I can electronically send through a mood board in an instant I can get quicker feedback from the client. The whole process runs quicker.
  • E-Design provides value for money. Traditional decorators incorporate travel costs in their overall cost. As I don’t need to commute to you I can spend more time working on the design.
  • E-Design is economical. Most interior decorators charge upwards of $1,000 per commission or between $50 – $200 per hour. Expect to pay at the higher end of the spectrum if the decorator runs a shop or studio as they have overheads to meet such as rent, electricity and staff. E-Design has no overheads so the savings are passed directly on to you.
  • E-Design is flexible to your needs. Whether you are designing an entire room from scratch or just wanting advice on the finishing touches e-design can accommodate your needs. For example – a client may have a sofa or a chair that they are thinking about re-upholstering. I can help them source a great fabric that will pull together the whole space. I can also assist with furniture placement or give advice on what colour would best lighten up a dark space.

What does the E-Design Process look like?

Obviously if you are reading this you are reading my blog – yippee we already have similar styles.

Scoping the project

When you contact me I will ask you a series of questions (either by email or on the phone – whatever works for you) to help me understand the scope of the project. Once this has been determined I will email you with my flat design fee. I usually charge around $350 per room depending upon the size and complexity of the job. First time clients often receive a substantial discount on their first room (usually around $100). I will then send you the agreed project scope and cost. Once this has been agreed on we can start the fun stuff.

Gathering information

I will ask you to email me some photos (one of each wall) and measurements of the space as we want the final room to look amazing and be spatially functional. You can also send me clippings or pictures of things you like.

Designing the Mood Board

I will then start the creative magic and custom design a mood board of the room. This will be emailed to you for discussion. The mood board is not a “how to” plan for the room. It is an arrangement of images, materials and pieces that are intended to evoke a particular style that you would like for the room.

Mood board


Obviously I will try and make the mood board as realistic as possible – I’m not going to include Ralph Lauren products if you are on a budget. I will also try and include existing and much loved items wherever possible as these tell your story and give the room a soul. For example the water lily photo above was actually captured by a client’s daughter – the design we came up with was built around tying the artwork with the existing beige lounge and walls. Not only does the client love the room – I was able to secure substantial discounts on the items that were needed for the room.

Costing and Sourcing

Once the mood of the room has been established I will go ahead and compile a detailed costing and sourcing document for you. This includes a shopping list of what to buy with pictures, supplier contact details and costs. I will also capture trade discounts wherever possible and pass these directly on to you.

Debrief and follow-up

Often life takes over and there is a delay between the completion of the design process and you actually finishing the room. I totally understand that this happens and I am more than happy to provide my clients with whatever advice they need long after the process is complete.

If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact me at: