Our home

Where it all began

15 years ago Mr Imperfect and I moved into our little house in Sydney’s Inner West. We’d been to a couple of auctions and been blown out of the water by people with way more money than we had (isn’t that always the case). I was starting to think that we would never find that special house that we could make our home.

A week before Christmas the house was advertised privately in the newspaper. We’d decided that Saturday to give ourselves a break from house hunting when my husband’s stepmother rang and said we should check it out.

Like something out of Jerry McGuire – “it had me at hello”. I walked through the house to the backyard and looked at hubby dearest with tears in my eyes and said “I’m so sorry, but I really love this house”. Darling negotiated hard but in the end he just said “look my wife really loves your house, how much is it going to take to buy it”. About a week later it was ours!

The house was built around 1900 and is one of the only double-fronted in the area. It has buckets of character and I still smile every time I walk up the front steps. We’ve done a lot of work on the house over the years but to be honest it was pretty gorgeous to start with. It’s a house that has always been loved and cared for and it shows.

house 8

I remember when we were redoing the front garden. My husband is a true virgo so he insisted all the pipes were replaced before all the paving and garden beds were put in. The front garden looked like a moonscape but I think it was all worthwhile in the end.


Here is our formal sitting room. We use this a lot to escape from the children when we are having a dinner party. Please don’t ask what the colour is on the wall. Its a hybrid of a few colours which the paint shop mixed for me. I think after about 10 test pots they were glad to see the end of me. If ever you want great service I would highly recommend seeing Elizabeth at Dulux at Gladesville.


This is my bedroom when I make the bed. Pretty isn’t it?


This is the kitchen where the “magic” happens. I always think this kitchen is a real cooks kitchen. It just yells – make a mess of me!

Here is our family room.

house 7

And the backyard.


There’s more to come over the next coming weeks. Wait until you get a grand tour of the kids’ rooms – or their “habitats” I should say!